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China is the World’s largest eCommerce market and payments are your biggest barrier to being part of it.

By adding NihaoPay to your existing checkout process, you will be able to accept a payment from over 5 billion UnionPay debit and credit cards directly as well as AliPay and WechatPay payment platforms.


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Your existing website + nihaopay solution = Door to 500 million new consumers

Three Simple Steps to Selling Direct in China

China Market

Turn millions of window shoppers into buyers.

There are over 500 million eCommerce shoppers in China who love global brands, but 9-out-of-10 international online retailers don’t accept their favorite payment cards. Which means for most retailers, your Chinese consumers can’t actually pay you. With nihaopay you could be taking payments directly in as little as a week.


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By adding our payment gateway to your existing checkout process, you will be able to accept payments from UnionPay and AliPay.


Our technical support and service teams are here to help you get up and running in as little as a week.


We don’t charge anything for set-up and integration, and our processing fees are some of the lowest in the industry.

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